The News...

  • QB Drew Powell selected MVP for IFL

  • QB Drew Powell compared to Kurt Warner!

  • RB Cochise Jones named MVP for Intl. League!

  • Oct., 2018 QB Drew Powell signs with Saskatchewan Roughriders!  Yea!

  • Ryan Keen runs 4.27 40 in Winnipeg Bombers Try-Out

  • WR Erick Evans makes 4 TDs in CFL Try-outs!

  • Oct., 2018 QB Brandon Preaster  signs with the AAF & the IFL.  Yea!

  • LB Isaac Wright was the League leader in tackles, etc.  He was also "Defensive Newcomer of the Year - 2018"

  • DB Cory Morrow signs with the Maine Mammoths.  :)  Yea!  Congrats Cory!



Brandon Preaster

Brandon is a winner.  Brandon won his High School State Championship.  Brandon is a skilled player elite.  Brandon got "Comeback Player of the Year" in 2015.  Brandon is skilled both on the field and off, with an amazing arm and throw.  Click his picture to go to his web site to see more.   

Drew Powell

Drew Powell has been compared to Kurt Warner!  Drew Powell is the MVP for the Indoor Football League.  Plus, his team - Iowa Barnstormers - won the title, for the first time in over 18 years with Drew's leadership!  A rising star in the Leagues, click his picture to go to his web site to see more.   



Bryon Cook

Bryon Cook can make that award-winning catch at the end of the game to win the season!    Bryon was named The Team's Most Outstanding Wide Receiver in College.   His video footage is awesome!  Check him out by clicking the picture to the left.   

Tyler Jones

Tyler is a one in a million player who can make that phenomenal catch every time to score that TD.  In one game alone for the Quad City Steamwheelers he scored 3 touchdowns to win the game.  

You have to watch his video play. Check him out by clicking the picture to the left.   

Erick Bundridge

Erick is fast and furious on the field!  An All-American at West Chester University, his team had the "most wins" in the history of their playing time in D2 and they made it to the Final 4.  His footage is great!  Check him out by clicking the picture to the left.   



David Reed II

David Reed II is just an outstanding rising star in the pros.  You have to go to his web site to see his video footage from college.  He can make those short carries that count and the long passes that win.  Click his image on the left to see more about David.     

Erick Evans

Erick Evans is just great... he can move the ball and he can run it in for a TD.  In fact, in his recent CFL tryout in August, 2018, Erick made 4 touchdowns.

If you want a winner - Erick is your guy.  Destined for the pros, Erick awaits, "that perfect team".

Read more about Erick by clicking his picture on the left.       

Ross Robertson

Ross Robertson has determination, drive, and "stick".   When he gets the ball, he sticks - to his run and to the play - until completion.  He is a great route runner and reads defenses well.  Once he gets the ball, he's hard to tackle.  You can read more about Ross by clicking his image.        

Dwiuan White

Dwiuan White ran a 4.35 in the 40 at the 2017 Philadelphia Soul try outs.  In College he ran an average of 29 yards per carry.  In Bloomington Edge pro. play, he made 3 touchdowns in one game alone.

To read more about Dwiuan, click his image.       

Cochise Jones

Cochise Jones is a star...  MVP on a Championship Team, Cochise broke the franchise record for most tds in a season and for most runs in a season.


He is truly phenomenal.  To learn more about Cochise, click his picture on the left.  Catch him - IF you can!       



JB Walton Jr.

JB Walton Jr. is big and strong and he's a leading Offensive Lineman.  He is definitely a force to reckon with to any team that combats him!

Here is a scouting report about JB Walton Jr., "Walton is a smart, tough, agile and reliable offensive lineman who can play any position on the offensive line. JB’s size allows him to match up well against defenders at any of the positions on the offensive line."

To learn more about JB, click the image to the left.





Antonio Penn

Antonio Penn is big, mean, and ferocious.   He's exciting to watch, just because - he makes great plays!

He is part of the 2018 MPIF Champions (Midwest Professional Indoor Football)  in Indoor Football this year.  

He was selected 1st Team All-USCAA Defense in 2015.    Read more about Antonio by clicking his image on the left.



Ryan Keen

Ryan Keen runs a 2.27 40 yard dash.  This was documented in a Winnipeg Bomber try-out.  With that speed, he conquers the field.  Whatever side he defends gets no action, because he is so thorough in his defense.   Read more about Ryan by clicking his image on the left.





Marvin Booker

Marvin Booker had 6 sacks in 6 games last year with the IFL.  That is an average of 1 sack per game.  That is awesome.

When Marvin plays, he is glued to the QB and has a habit of making great plays.  To read more about Marvin, click his image.



Keyso Moss

A 2 time team caption (College and High School), Keyso is a natural team leader!     He's a great candidate for the pro bowl.

Compared to All Pros Geno Aitkins and Aaron Donald, this is what one member of the press had to say about Keyso, "Keyso repeatedly beats double-teams with ease, hustles plays down from behind, and appears to have a solid grasp on the concept of stunts and schemes (blitzing up the right gap or not)".  [Steel City Underground's Exclusive Interview with Keyso Moss.]

To see more about Keyso, click his image.



Edward Mosley

All Conference 2 years in a row in College at Alabama State University, Edward Mosley can disrupt any one's passing game!  


There is a reason the  Arizona Rattlers won the championship in 2017 - Edward Mosley!  In that championship game - where it counted, he was incredible!  He had a sack, a Tackle for a Loss, and a Forced Fumble!  All in one game.  To read more about Edward, click his image.



Cory Morrow

Cory plays DB and does special teams work.  He knows all defense and is always ready and able to make that "great play".  Cory recently signed with the Maine Mammoths.  To see more about Cory, click his image.





Isaac Wright

Isaac was the League defensive leader and League leader in tackles for 2018.  He was also voted "Defensive Newcomer of the Year - 2018".  It goes without saying, that Isaac is a great Linebacker!  To read more about Isaac, click his picture.



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